Marilyn In the Flash

Titre : Marilyn In the Flash
Auteur : David Wills
Éditeur : Dey Street Books
ISBN-13 : 006238970X
Libération : 2015-10-27

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A stunning collection of hundreds of rare and unseen photographs, behind-the-scenes notes, and interviews chronicling the media’s lifelong love affair with Marilyn, created by the acclaimed curator and author of Marilyn Monroe: Metamorphosis. Though Hollywood goddess Marilyn Monroe was married three times, her longest lasting relationship was with the press—the photographers, reporters, and press agents who followed her every move for nearly two decades, and made her into the greatest icon in Hollywood history. One of the most publicized actresses of her time, Marilyn actively sought out the press, carefully crafting her public image and using events from her private life to further her career. Her romances with baseball legend Joe DiMaggio, playwright Arthur Miller, and others made her a daily feature for newspapers, magazines, and wire services; new images of the star were guaranteed to boost sales. Drawing on unseen troves from dozens of photographers, archives, and collectors, acclaimed photography expert David Wills brings together an unprecedented array of press photos from throughout Marilyn’s career—including hundreds of unpublished and rare photographs that have been beautifully restored; uncropped and unretouched outtakes; handwritten notations; period captions; clippings; and more. With a foreword by Robert J. Wagner and interviews from key press agents and others, this portfolio of images offers a fresh, indelible portrait of one of the most enduring icons in history and illuminates the special alliance she shared with the press as never before.

It s Happy Bunny 4 The Good the Bad and the Bunny

Titre : It s Happy Bunny 4 The Good the Bad and the Bunny
Auteur : Jim Benton
Éditeur : Scholastic Paperbacks
ISBN-13 : 0439705932
Libération : 2006-12-01

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Like a light shining through the darkness comes a guide who can truly illuminate the differences between right and wrong, good and evil, just and unjust, hot and gross...It's Happy Bunny! What would It's Happy Bunny do after receiving a gift? Say, "Thank you?" Try, "Have a nice day, you worthless turd!" In the tradition of Goofus and Gallant (R), one side of each spread shows readers the right way to handle a situation and the other side shows them the It's Happy Bunny way. It's like The Book of Virtues...only not. *Book may include a value-added premium TK*

Andy Warhol prints

Titre : Andy Warhol prints
Auteur : Andy Warhol
Éditeur : Abbeville Press
ISBN-13 : UOM:39015008062971
Libération : 1985

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Andy Warhol A été écrit sous une forme ou une autre pendant la plus grande partie de sa vie. Vous pouvez trouver autant d'inspiration de Andy Warhol prints Aussi informatif et amusant. Cliquez sur le bouton TÉLÉCHARGER ou Lire en ligne pour obtenir gratuitement le livre de titre $ gratuitement.

How to Build a Girl

Titre : How to Build a Girl
Auteur : Caitlin Moran
Éditeur : Random House
ISBN-13 : 9781448118519
Libération : 2014-07-03

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The phenomenal Number One Sunday Times Bestseller in hardback and now Number One in paperback! My name’s Johanna Morrigan. I’m fourteen, and I’ve just decided to kill myself. I don’t really want to die, of course! I just need to kill Johanna, and build a new girl. Dolly Wilde will be everything I want to be, and more! But as with all the best coming-of-age stories, it doesn’t exactly go to plan... A Number One Sunday Times bestseller in hardback and now Number One in paperback, from Caitlin Moran, the award-winning and Sunday Times bestselling author of How to Be a Woman. (Selected by Emma Watson for her feminist book club ‘Our Shared Shelf’)

The Assassination of Marilyn Monroe

Titre : The Assassination of Marilyn Monroe
Auteur : Donald H. Wolfe
Éditeur : Little Brown
ISBN-13 : 0751526525
Libération : 1999

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This book is the fully documented story of Marilyn Monroe's death - a heart-stopping account of the events that led to the circumstances of 4th August 1962. To this day the Los Angeles police and the District Attorney's office have perpetuated a cover-up that was generated over 30 years ago. For the first time in 80 books and acres of newsprint, the complete story of her demise is revealed. It includes the reasons why so many joined the conspiracy of silence. Marilyn's universe is where the glitzy world of Hollywood, the sinister one of the Mafia and the secret one of Washington DC meet. Wolfe uses newly released FBI files and the information of insiders who have broken their silence to give us the resolution of one of this century's most enduring mysteries. From the opening description of the lifeless body to the moment-by-moment account of her final days and hours, THE ASSASSINATION OF MARILYN MONROE explodes every myth concerning her remarkable life and tragic death - as is attested by the generous acclaim of her rival biographers (see 'Reviews').

Look Both Ways

Titre : Look Both Ways
Auteur : Debbie Millman
Éditeur : Simon and Schuster
ISBN-13 : 9781440319433
Libération : 2009-09-11

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In Look Both Ways, respected branding consultant and design community leader Debbie Millman has constructed a series of essays that examine the close relationship between design and everyday life. You'll find inspiration on every page as you meander through illuminating observations that are both personal and universal. Each beautifully illustrated essay reveals the magic - and wonder - of the often unseen world around us. Excerpt from "Look Both Ways" It occurred to me, as I stood there, that I could simultaneously, vividly look both ways - backward and forward, in time - at once. I remembered longing to know what was coming, who I would become and how. And I suddenly saw it all over again in front of me. The light was exactly the same, and as the sun fell and the summer shadows slivered against the elegant, lean, concrete towers in the distance, I recognized the smell of the warm air, the precise pink and grey of the coming dusk and the mysterious melancholy and joy of both knowing and not-knowing, and the continuity that occurs when both collide.—Debbie Millman


Titre : Jazz
Auteur : Robert (ART) Nippoldt
Éditeur : Taschen America Llc
ISBN-13 : 3836545012
Libération : 2013

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Swinging Gotham Big City, big bands: New York's jazz scene of the 1920s It's the Roaring Twenties, and New York is exploding with jazz fever. Crowds flock to the nightclubs and dance halls in Harlem to see the likes of Louis Armstrong with the Fletcher Henderson Orchestra playing at the Kentucky Club, or Duke Ellington at the Roseland Ballroom or the world-famous Cotton Club. Designed, illustrated, and edited by Robert Nippoldt, this award-winning book pays homage to this exceptional era, via an entertaining blend of illustrations, facts, and amusing anecdotes presenting 24 leading lights of New York's jazz scene in the 1920s, complete with a CD containing some of their best tunes. The texts, contributed by Hans-Jürgen Schaal, give a vivid account of the club scene and the "band battles," as well as the legendary recording sessions. A splendid read, a groovy CD--and not strictly for jazz fans only! International Book Award, 2014, Los Angeles International Design Award, 2014, Los Angeles Joseph Binder Award, 2014, Vienna D&AD Award, 2014, London Good Design Award, 2014, Chicago A' Design Award, 2014, Como / Italy Best American Infographic, 2014, New York Awards for the original German edition: European Design Award, 2008, Stockholm Institute for Book Arts: "The Most Beautiful Book of Germany" 2008, Frankfurt Illustrative: "One of the Most Beautiful Books of Europe" 2007, Berlin

Historic Photos of Paris

Titre : Historic Photos of Paris
Auteur : Rebecca Schall
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : UOM:39015082654164
Libération : 2007

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Paris, the capital of France, is one of the most popular destinations in the world. The City of Lights"" is renowned for many things. Its history, beauty, high quality of life, cosmopolitanism, art, fashion, cuisine, cultural diversity, romance, architecture, museums, theaters, and intellectual life. For these and countless other reasons, Paris immediately evokes strong sentiment, whether or not one is lucky enough to have been there. This book, Historic Photos of Paris, explores the rise of this seductive city, through a collection of extraordinary historic photographs from international archives. The book follows the people, places, and historic events that shaped the development of modern Paris in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Iconic landmarks, scenes of daily life, and unique and rare moments are presented in hundreds of historic photographs, revealing a rich portrait of the urban masterpiece that is Paris. ""

Maeve Brennan Homesick at the New Yorker

Titre : Maeve Brennan Homesick at the New Yorker
Auteur : Angela Bourke
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 1619027151
Libération : 2016-02-09

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To be a staff writer at The New Yorker during its heyday of the 1950s and 1960s was to occupy one of the most coveted--and influential--seats in American culture. Witty, beautiful, and Irish-born Maeve Brennan was lured to such a position in 1948 and proceeded to dazzle everyone who met her, both in person and on the page. From 1954 to 1981 under the pseudonym "The Long-Winded Lady,” Brennan wrote matchless urban sketches of life in Times Square and the Village for the "Talk of the Town” column, and under her own name published fierce, intimate fiction--tales of childhood, marriage, exile, longing, and the unforgiving side of the Irish temper. Yet even with her elegance and brilliance, Brennan’s rise to genius was as extreme as her collapse: at the time of her death in 1993, Maeve Brennan had not published a word since the 1970s and had slowly slipped into madness, ending up homeless on the same streets of Manhattan that had built her career. It is Angela Bourke’s achievement with Maeve Brennan: Homesick at The New Yorker to bring much-deserved attention to Brennan’s complex legacy in all her triumph and tragedy--from Dublin childhood to Manhattan glamour, and from extraordinary literary achievement to tragic destitution. With this definitive biography of this troubled genius, it is clear that Brennan, though always an outsider in her own life and times, is rightfully recognized as one of the best writers to ever grace the pages of The New Yorker.

30 Hot and Sexy MILF Stories

Titre : 30 Hot and Sexy MILF Stories
Auteur : Derrick Frances
Éditeur : BookBaby
ISBN-13 : 9781301327423
Libération : 2013-05-22

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Looking for an older more experienced woman to fulfill your fantasies? Then you will definitely enjoy this book. Packed with over 78,000 words and 30 unique sexy stories be prepared to be enthralled by these hot cougars.Although all stories feature MILFs within each story you will find a variety of genres. For example, “Interracial MILF” or “MILF/Virgin”.If you enjoy these stories please let us know! Thank you!Warning, these stories are explicit. 18+ only