Snapshot Versions of Life

Titre : Snapshot Versions of Life
Auteur : Richard Chalfen
Éditeur : Popular Press
ISBN-13 : UOM:39015047481612
Libération : 1987

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Snapshot Versions of Life is an important foray into the culture of photography and home life from an anthropologist’s perspective. Examining what he calls “Home Mode” photography, Richard Chalfen explores snapshots, slide shows, family albums, home movies, and home videos, uncovering what people do with their photos as well as what their personal photos do for them. Chalfen’s “Polaroid People” are recognizable—if ironically viewed—relatives, uncles, aunts, and All-American kids. As members of “Kodak Culture” they watch home movies, take pictures of newborn babies, and even, in their darker moments, scratch out the faces of disliked relatives in group photographs. He examines who shoots these photos and why, as well as how they think (or don’t) of planning, editing, and exhibiting their shots. Chalfen’s analysis reveals the culturally structured behavior underlying seemingly spontaneous photographic activities.

Image based Research

Titre : Image based Research
Auteur : Jon Prosser
Éditeur : Psychology Press
ISBN-13 : 075070649X
Libération : 1998

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Just what is a picture worth? Qualitative research is dominated by language. However, researchers have recently shown a growing interest in adopting an image-based approach. This is the first volume dedicated to exploring this approach and will prove an invaluable sourcebook for researchers in the field. The book covers a broad scope, including theory and the research process; and provides practical examples of how image-based research is applied in the field. It discusses use of images in child abuse investigation; exploring children's drawings in health education; cartoons; the media and teachers.

Now Is Then

Titre : Now Is Then
Auteur : Marvin Heiferman
Éditeur : Princeton Architectural Press
ISBN-13 : 156898748X
Libération : 2008

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Deceptive in their ease of creation, diminutive size, and sheer abundance, snapshots are often thought of as the most innocent type of photography. But snapshots are complex and willful pictures—premeditated, fussed over, and often predetermined. The postures we adopt, the gestures we pantomime, the exaggerated facial expressions we compose and try to hold for a split second are all meant to express the emotional weight of a certain moment. In a time when digital cameras make photography all too easy, it is fascinating to look back on a day when image making was more deliberate. Now is Then features images from the 1920s through the 1960s, the golden age of snapshot photography. The photos—quirky, elegant, heartbreaking, and heart-warming—both celebrate and question the conventions of snapshot photography. Texts by well known visual culture critics offer fresh perspectives on the snapshots and their power over us. Unlike previous explorations of vernacular photography, Now Is Then takes a step forward to look at the broader cultural impact of snapshots—why we make them, how we use them, why they become relics, and, most importantly, what they reveal about us.


Titre : Photography
Auteur : Stephen Bull
Éditeur : Routledge
ISBN-13 : 9781135270223
Libération : 2009-12-16

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Photography explores the photograph in the twenty-first century and its importance as a media form. Stephen Bull considers our media-saturated society and the place of photography in everyday life, introducing the theories used to analyse photographs and exploring the impact of digital technology. The text is split into short, accessible chapters on the broad themes central to the study and analysis of photography, and key issues are explained and applied to visual examples in each chapter. Topics covered include: the identity of photography the meanings of photographs photography for sale snapshots the photograph as document photography as art photographs in fashion photography and celebrity. Photography is an up-to-date, clear and comprehensive introduction to debates about photography now and is particularly useful to media, photography and visual culture students.

From Snapshots to Social Media The Changing Picture of Domestic Photography

Titre : From Snapshots to Social Media The Changing Picture of Domestic Photography
Auteur : Risto Sarvas
Éditeur : Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN-13 : 0857292471
Libération : 2011-02-09

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From Snapshots to Social Media describes the history and future of domestic photography as mediated by technological change. Domestic photography refers to the culture of ordinary people capturing, sharing and using photographs, and is in a particular state of flux today as photos go digital. The book argues that this digital era is the third major chapter in the 170 year history of the area; following the portrait and Kodak eras of the past. History shows that despite huge changes in photographic technology and the way it has been sold, people continue to use photographs to improve memory, support communication and reinforce identity. The future will involve a shift in the balance of these core activities and a replacement of the family album with various multimedia archives for individuals, families and communities. This raises a number of issues that should be taken into account when designing new technologies and business services in this area, including: the ownership and privacy of content, multimedia standards, home ICT infrastructure, and younger and older users of images. The book is a must for designers and engineers of imaging technology and social media who want a better understanding of the history of domestic photography in order to shape its future. It will also be of value to students and researchers in science and technology studies and visual culture, as a fascinating case study of the evolving use of photographs and photographic technology in Western society.

Pocket Keys for Writers Spiral bound Version

Titre : Pocket Keys for Writers Spiral bound Version
Auteur : Ann Raimes
Éditeur : Cengage Learning
ISBN-13 : 9781305464766
Libération : 2015-01-01

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POCKET KEYS FOR WRITERS gives students big writing help in a small package. This indispensable pocket-style handbook covers the essentials of the writing process. It takes students through the research process, includes the mechanics of writing and using punctuation, and explains the evaluation and documentation of both print and electronic source materials. Concise, up-to-date, and practical, the book is designed to help students find the material they need easily and quickly. The fifth edition features a new framework for critical thinking to help students make decisions about audience, purpose, voice, and medium. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Digital Snaps

Titre : Digital Snaps
Auteur : Jonas Larsen
Éditeur : I.B.Tauris
ISBN-13 : 9780857734426
Libération : 2013-12-19

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Photography as an everyday practice is once again changing dramatically. At this moment of transition from analogue to digital, Digital Snaps aims to develop a new media ecology that can accommodate these changes to photography ‘as we know it’. Expert contributors representing varied disciplines demonstrate how and to what extent the traditional social practices, technologies and images of analogue photography are being transformed with the movement to digital photography. They zoom in on typical, vernacular, everyday practices: the development of the family photo album from a physical object in the living room to a digital practice on the Internet; the use of mobile phones in everyday life; photo communities on the Internet; photo booth photography; studio photography; and fine arts’ appropriation of amateur photography. They explore how this media convergence transforms the media ecology – the networks, objects, performances, meanings and circulations – of vernacular photography, as we research it through ordinary people’s use of such new cameras and interactive Internet spaces as part of their everyday lives.


Titre : Photogaffes
Auteur : Richard Chalfen
Éditeur : Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN-13 : 1457511827
Libération : 2012-07

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Have you taken pictures at a restaurant or funeral, in a church or a hospital? Borrowed pictures from a relative s family album? Thrown away family portraits? Hung a mother-in-law s photograph in the bathroom? Sent out a sexy Christmas card photo? From the author of the internationally known book, Snapshot Versions of Life, comes a new book about light-hearted and serious photogaffes" or mistakes in judgment when taking and showing family snapshots. Ordinary people reveal their photography-based dilemmas through personal letters sent to a newspaper advice columnist whose responses clarify bad manners while offering helpful ways to repair personal relationships. Photogaffes is organized into three sections: Film-based photographs, digital snapshots, and mobile phone photography. Today, everyone is a photographer and will find themselves in these pages. While we are re-inventing cameras, we are likely to overlook questions of how these new technologies might be re-inventing us."

Geography and Memory

Titre : Geography and Memory
Auteur : Owain Jones
Éditeur : Springer
ISBN-13 : 9781137284075
Libération : 2012-10-10

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This collection shifts the focus from collective memory to individual memory, by incorporating new performative approaches to identity, place and becoming. Drawing upon cultural geography, the book provides an accessible framework to approach key aspects of memory, remembering, archives, commemoration and forgetting in modern societies.

Tourism Performance and the Everyday

Titre : Tourism Performance and the Everyday
Auteur : Michael Haldrup
Éditeur : Routledge
ISBN-13 : 9781135256913
Libération : 2009-09-10

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Tourism has become increasingly ‘exotic’, a process made possible by low-cost charter tourism and cheaper air tickets. Faraway and evermore ‘exotic’ holidays are becoming widespread and within reach as destinations make their entry into the mass tourism market. Strolls through the bazaars of Istanbul and cruises on the Nile are packaged into the sea, sand and sun culture of traditional forms of organized mass tourism. At the same time new technologies weave the fabric of tourism and everyday life even closer, circulating images, information, and objects between them. Taking off from this observation, Tourism, Performance and the Everyday invites readers to follow the flow’s of tourist desires, objects, meanings, photographs, fears, dreams and memories weaving together the spaces of and between Western Europe, Turkey and Egypt. Tourism, Performance and the Everyday carefully analyzes the cultural and social impacts of mass-tourist experiences of ‘exotic’ places on the wider aspects of everyday life. It treats mass-tourism as a cultural phenomenon that feeds into the practices and networks of peoples’ everyday lives rather than as an isolated, trivial or ‘exotic’ event. It traces how these impacts are mediated by various mobilities between home and away through innovate mobile and ethnographic research methods at tourist destinations and the home of tourists. The book contains analysis of diaries, photographs, blogs and photo web sharing sites, participant observation of performing tourists and ‘home ethnographies’ of the afterlife tourist photographs, souvenirs and memories. In doing this, the book traces out the multiple interconnections and mobilities between everyday spaces and leisure spaces as well as the multiple ways in which the Orient is consumed on holiday and at home. The book appeals to a wide audience among students, researchers and educators within the social and cultural sciences studying, researching and teaching theories and methods of tourism, Orientalism and cultural encounters as well as broader issues of leisure, consumption and everyday life.