International Books in Print

Titre : International Books in Print
Auteur : Archie Rugh
Éditeur : K G Saur Verlag Gmbh & Co
ISBN-13 : 3598221347
Libération : 1994

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Archie Rugh A été écrit sous une forme ou une autre pendant la plus grande partie de sa vie. Vous pouvez trouver autant d'inspiration de International Books in Print Aussi informatif et amusant. Cliquez sur le bouton TÉLÉCHARGER ou Lire en ligne pour obtenir gratuitement le livre de titre $ gratuitement.


Titre : eCulture
Auteur : Alfredo M. Ronchi
Éditeur : Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN-13 : 9783540752769
Libération : 2009-03-10

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Do virtual museums really provide added value to end-users, or do they just contribute to the abundance of images? Does the World Wide Web save endangered cultural heritage, or does it foster a society with less variety? These and other related questions are raised and answered in this book, the result of a long path across the digital heritage landscape. It provides a comprehensive view on issues and achievements in digital collections and cultural content.

Core Statistics

Titre : Core Statistics
Auteur : Simon Wood
Éditeur : Cambridge University Press
ISBN-13 : 9781107071056
Libération : 2015-04-13

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Core Statistics is a compact starter course on the theory, models, and computational tools needed to make informed use of powerful statistical methods.

Optimization and Computational Fluid Dynamics

Titre : Optimization and Computational Fluid Dynamics
Auteur : Dominique Thévenin
Éditeur : Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN-13 : 3540721533
Libération : 2008-01-08

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The numerical optimization of practical applications has been an issue of major importance for the last 10 years. It allows us to explore reliable non-trivial configurations, differing widely from all known solutions. The purpose of this book is to introduce the state-of-the-art concerning this issue and many complementary applications are presented.

Hack the Stack

Titre : Hack the Stack
Auteur : Michael Gregg
Éditeur : Syngress
ISBN-13 : 0080507743
Libération : 2006-11-06

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This book looks at network security in a new and refreshing way. It guides readers step-by-step through the "stack" -- the seven layers of a network. Each chapter focuses on one layer of the stack along with the attacks, vulnerabilities, and exploits that can be found at that layer. The book even includes a chapter on the mythical eighth layer: The people layer. This book is designed to offer readers a deeper understanding of many common vulnerabilities and the ways in which attacker’s exploit, manipulate, misuse, and abuse protocols and applications. The authors guide the readers through this process by using tools such as Ethereal (sniffer) and Snort (IDS). The sniffer is used to help readers understand how the protocols should work and what the various attacks are doing to break them. IDS is used to demonstrate the format of specific signatures and provide the reader with the skills needed to recognize and detect attacks when they occur. What makes this book unique is that it presents the material in a layer by layer approach which offers the readers a way to learn about exploits in a manner similar to which they most likely originally learned networking. This methodology makes this book a useful tool to not only security professionals but also for networking professionals, application programmers, and others. All of the primary protocols such as IP, ICMP, TCP are discussed but each from a security perspective. The authors convey the mindset of the attacker by examining how seemingly small flaws are often the catalyst of potential threats. The book considers the general kinds of things that may be monitored that would have alerted users of an attack. * Remember being a child and wanting to take something apart, like a phone, to see how it worked? This book is for you then as it details how specific hacker tools and techniques accomplish the things they do. * This book will not only give you knowledge of security tools but will provide you the ability to design more robust security solutions * Anyone can tell you what a tool does but this book shows you how the tool works

Forest Analytics with R

Titre : Forest Analytics with R
Auteur : Andrew P. Robinson
Éditeur : Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN-13 : 1441977627
Libération : 2010-11-05

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Forest Analytics with R combines practical, down-to-earth forestry data analysis and solutions to real forest management challenges with state-of-the-art statistical and data-handling functionality. The authors adopt a problem-driven approach, in which statistical and mathematical tools are introduced in the context of the forestry problem that they can help to resolve. All the tools are introduced in the context of real forestry datasets, which provide compelling examples of practical applications. The modeling challenges covered within the book include imputation and interpolation for spatial data, fitting probability density functions to tree measurement data using maximum likelihood, fitting allometric functions using both linear and non-linear least-squares regression, and fitting growth models using both linear and non-linear mixed-effects modeling. The coverage also includes deploying and using forest growth models written in compiled languages, analysis of natural resources and forestry inventory data, and forest estate planning and optimization using linear programming. The book would be ideal for a one-semester class in forest biometrics or applied statistics for natural resources management. The text assumes no programming background, some introductory statistics, and very basic applied mathematics.

Modeling Financial Time Series with S PLUS

Titre : Modeling Financial Time Series with S PLUS
Auteur : Eric Zivot
Éditeur : Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN-13 : 0387323481
Libération : 2007-10-10

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This book represents an integration of theory, methods, and examples using the S-PLUS statistical modeling language and the S+FinMetrics module to facilitate the practice of financial econometrics. It is the first book to show the power of S-PLUS for the analysis of time series data. It is written for researchers and practitioners in the finance industry, academic researchers in economics and finance, and advanced MBA and graduate students in economics and finance. Readers are assumed to have a basic knowledge of S-PLUS and a solid grounding in basic statistics and time series concepts. This edition covers S+FinMetrics 2.0 and includes new chapters.

The Multilingual Internet

Titre : The Multilingual Internet
Auteur : Susan C. Herring
Éditeur : Oxford University Press
ISBN-13 : 9780195304800
Libération : 2007

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Devoted to analysing internet related CMC in languages other than English, this volume collects 18 new articles on facets of language and internet use, all of which revolve around several central topics: writing systems, the structure and features of local languages and how they affect internet use, gender issues, and so on.

Life Into Space

Titre : Life Into Space
Auteur : Kenneth Souza
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 0788173537
Libération : 1998-11-01

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The first compilation of the results of ARC's (Ames Research Center, NASA) space life sciences research in a single volume. It profiles the background, objectives, and methods for this research. The core of the book describes the individual missions from Gemini 3 in 1965 to STS-41 in 1990. Provides top-level overviews of mission objectives, payload and experiment development, operations before, during, and after flight, and brief descriptions of mission results. One-page summaries of over 200 completed experiments and the associated hardware items are provided in two major appendices. Publications for each experiment are listed.

Digital Copyright

Titre : Digital Copyright
Auteur : Jessica Litman
Éditeur : Pyr Books
ISBN-13 : UOM:39015049705794
Libération : 2001-01-01

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In this enlightening book, law professor Litman questions whether copyright laws really make sense for the majority of people. Should every interaction between consumers and copyright-protected works be restricted by law? Here she argues for reforms that reflect common sense and the way people behave in their daily digital interactions.